Jiankou Great wall Hike

this section of Great Wall is surrounded by woodland and streams. The forest-coverage rate is over 90 percent. (75)
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GWH05 Jiankou Great Wall Hike

JianKou Great Wall is located in HuaiRou County, 73 km north of Beijing. It connects with MuTianYu Great Wall 10 km to the east and with HuangHua Great Wall to the west. JianKou Great Wall was built starting in 1368 during the Ming dynasty. JianKou Great Wall is truly wild and awesomely beautiful - but also dangerous, so be careful. The lower portion of JianKou Great Wall is constructed of large white stone blocks, which makes it very noticeable from a distance. The major section of JianKou Great Wall is built along a mountain ridge with steep cliffs on each side, and due partly to its naturally degraded and unrepaired state, JianKou is now one of the most dangerous sections of the entire Great Wall. There are several scenic sites that visitors should see at JianKou Great Wall. One is the enemy observation tower known as 'The Eagle Flies Facing Upward'. This observation tower is built on the highest peak at JianKou. Therefore, when an eagle flies there, it can only do so by flying upwards. The 'Sky Stairs' is another famous scenic spot at JianKou Great Wall. At this location, the steps of the wall go practically straight up, and they are so narrow that it is difficult to carefully make one's way up and a detour is advised. This might be why this spot is also know as the 'Stairway to Heaven'. Other scenic spots at JianKou Great Wall include the 'Beijing Knot' - this is the meeting point for 3 different converging sections of the Great Wall, the 'Nine-Eye Tower' - a watchtower with 9 eye-like openings for viewing the surroundings, the 'ZhengBei Tower' - a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset, and the 'Cloud Stairs' - a section of the JianKou Great Wall which rises like a staircase into the clouds.

Jiankou translate from Chinese to English is 'arrow nock'. Jiankou Great Wall is named after its peculiar shape, which likes a bended bow with intangible arrow ready to be released to the target. Jiankou Great Wall is going to be the focus of hiking and photography enthusiast. Unlike the Mutianyu Great Wall in its east and Huanghuacheng Great Wall in its west, Jiankou Great Wall with more twists and turns wriggles up to the high mountain ridge retains in the natural state without any restoration and reveals the beauties of imperfection, wildness and primitive simplicity. Thus it is regarded as the most precipitous and picturesque section of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644).

This is a great way to experience the wall in a short period of time. On the way to the Great Wall from Beijing you will travel through the farms ,orchards and mountains. Our guide will be an excellent host who loves showing the sites genuinely,you can also get a good sense of rural life.You don't get side tracked going to souvenir shops . The unrestored wall is absoultely mind-blowing even when it is covered in mist. If you are scared of heights ,there are some climbs 'challenging'. If you can overcome that initial fear of heights you will thoroughly enjoy the trip. You'll found the trip exhilarating and relaxing and knows the area very well.

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